Gusto&Marche, our new boutique of tipic Marchigian Products has opened in the Falconara’s Airport, and it was born with a clear aim, working on a first diversification with the intent of satisfyingthe needs of the our target, that prefer takeaway because of flavour and necessity.

This is why Gusto&Marche Pizza was born, near to a physic boutique in terms of continuity but with a logo, an envirnment and position well differentiated.

Our locale, a Pizzeria, is divided in two areas, the one where the public can buy our products, and the one where our products are prepared, we offer a vast choice of pizzas, both red and white, whit some references to “focacce", and in terms of services, towards passengers and couriers, we offer a large range of choice for salads, pasta, fruit salads, and homemade desserts, even Marchigian wine on glasses and other beverages.

The pizza naturally represents the specialization and the core businnes of the vending point, and for this, thanks to our leader and supervisor Simone Baleani, known chef of Molo’s Reastaurant of Portonovo (N), the choice of works, of tools, of technologies, and of alimentar raw materialhas been made to improve the already high quality of the Pizzeria.

Our style is very different to the classic concept of Pizzerias, because we want to an high distribution of classic slices of Pizza and a layout more similar to a traditional Pizzeria, so that the any customer could appreciate the Pizzas even being away from home.

The personnel who works on preparation selling to public has been chosen based on its effectiveness and work experience that grows day by day in the Pizza field, in order to offer the best service possible and the a guarantee to Consumers, because of ours professionalism and comeptence, other than knowing how to cheer them up.

It is also present a corner where it is possible to flavour our Gelato Artigianale ’Buono e…Fatto Bene’, prepared in our specialized lab in Massimo Biagiali a San Lorenzo in Campo(PU).

It also presents a cafeteria.